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Eco lightweight Camping

Eco camping is the most economic form of safari that is possible on the safari circuit. Others call it budget but we believe this can be misleading as you pretty much have everything that one could possibly need for a safari into the Tanzanian bush. Budget is up to the individual as to how much he/she wants to spend for their Tanzanian Wildlife experience (a detailed list into what is included in our Eco mobile camp set up is indicated below).

To paint a better picture for you whilst you are deciding on how you would like your safari experience to unfold please read on for what an Eco mobile camping safari would consist of.

All camp gear, food, drinking water, driver guide, safari chef, your good selves and personal luggage are loaded into a fully equipped 4 x 4 safari vehicle that is fitted with custom made game viewing hatches for ease of spotting wildlife.

Depending on your itinerary you will head normally to the camp location either inside or outside the park (the later being a cheaper option) to drop the chef and all the camp gear.

You then continue with game drives and other activities at your leisure, returning to a fully set camp and some delicious home made cooking and refreshing fresh fruit juice that’s changes with the season. You will be simply amazed what the chefs can create out in the bush and they will do their utmost to keep the menu varying from day to day, catering for all walks of life, vegetarian, vegan, Kosher and your good old meat eaters, don’t care will eat everything.

As mentioned depending on how the itinerary has been put together you will be either sleeping in a public camp site that are put inside the national Parks in strategic locations by Tanzania Association of National Parks (TANAPA).

If outside the parks then we use a choice of several privately run public camps and our own Bush 2 Beach camps and wilderness areas. Camps inside and outside the parks in peak and high season can get crowded especially when the odd overland truck decides to pull in for the night, all these camps are first come first served type of affair so what turned out to be a quiet little spot under and picturesque acacia tree may not look the same upon your return.

Facilities are somewhat basic and water non existent where you want to take a shower, and freezing cold but plentiful where you are thinking you can actually hang out till you reach Arusha, a shower at 2300 meters on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater is a much needed one and will leave you body and muscles pinging as you return to the dinning structures to huddle amongst friends with a cup of hot chocolate.

On the whole though there is always a good atmosphere and an excited buzz around the dinning structures as everybody is swapping stories of lion pulling down wildebeest or leopards with cubs in a certain tree, however due to the nature and purpose for visiting Tanzania most Eco campers do stick to a bush code etiquette and retire relatively early, letting the night sounds that you have come to experience smudge out the loan distant snorer.

Did you know that the roar of a lion in a still night can travel for 6 km over flat ground, after all these years of heading into the parks it always brings a smile to my face and still has me holding my breath waiting for the second loan call on the still of the night.

Eco-Camp Inventory

  • 2.4 meters square x 1.8 meter high canvas rip-stop dome tent.
  • 1.8 meter x 90 x 50 thick – high density foam mattresses with fitted covers.
  • Sleep sheet and small camp pillow.
  • Sleeping bag (we recommend you bring your own if onward travel in Africa – as it is not always hot and 2 -3 season down bag packs to nothing and worth its weight in the size it takes in your pack).
  • Camp table and Safari Chairs.
  • Kerosene camp lights.
  • All cutlery and crockery for breakfast and dinner – lunch box is provided when out on game drives.
  • Mineral Drinking water x 1.5 liters a day per person.