• Kilimanjaro Set Group Departures
  • Mt Meru Climb 4 Days
  • Machame Route 6 Days
  • Rongai Route 7 Days
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Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, reaching a height of 5,895 meters or 19,341 foot above sea level. On clear days her snow capped peaks can be seen from different vantage points from Arusha and Moshi.

For those wishing to tackle Mt Kilimanjaro’s dizzying heights there are several options open with each route having a different character; suitable in accordance to age, fitness level, prior experience as to climbing & trekking in general and at altitude, and – at the end of the day – just what you would like to experience out of your climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

From personal experience and from those climbers who have stepped forth and tried, the overall feeling is that it is one of the hardest, most satisfying personal quest that most have attempted in their lives.

Whether reaching the summit or not, the journey that you will undertake will certainly be physical and emotional; the key to summiting Kilimanjaro being a strong positive focused mental attitude, good friends, a loved one and of course your experienced Bush2Beach Kili-Crew literally right behind you every step, shuffle, slip, slide of the way.

In the few days before commencing your climb you get to meet your guide(s) who will go through a thorough gear check and climbing safety brief at our offices or the hotel/lodge. This will allow you to ask all unanswered questions, fears and doubts before commencing the climb so that when you do actually put a toe at the park gate all uncertainty will be stored somewhere in the back of your thoughts allowing only positive feelings and a familiarization toward your guide who is going to become your best friend over the next 7 – 9 days.

Mount Meru’s impressive peak is standing at 4566 meters above sea-level. For those who are in good shape and like a physical work out, this mountain can be climbed as a 3 day option. You reach the summit on the night of day two and descend to main gate on day three!! Although doable, normally leaves a few sore muscles and tired knees from so much down hill in one go, defeats the object if acclimatizing and training for a Kilmanjaro climb. 4 days trekking is for sure what we recommend, allowing time for altitude side trips to Little Meru and to soak in amazing views on the way up from every vantage point – best views ever of Kilimanjaro. Accommodation in mountain huts.

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