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When to Travel?

Travel in Tanzania is possible the whole year around as parks in the Northern circuit stay open even during the rainy seasons while in the Southern Circuit most of the tented camps as well as airstrips close. Below you will find a monthly overview of weather conditions and climate during the different months of the year. The map is of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area showing the movements of the annual wildebeest migration where they will be expected to be in each month of the year

January Migration.jpg


Hot and sunny days during the month of January with plenty of wildlife in the Seronera Area of the Serengeti and the wildebeest migration arriving in Ndutu

February Migration.jpg


The wildebeest migration arrives in the Ndutu Area - southern Serengeti plains where the herds will be on standby for some time while the calves are being born

March Migration.jpg


Towards the end of March the first rain drops of the long rainy season will fall and the wildebeest herds will leave the dry Ndutu plains

April Migration.jpg


The beginning of the rainy season and also the low season in Tanzania - the parks are quiet but there is still plenty of game viewing opportunities.

May Migration.jpg


The month of May is still rainy season in Tanzania however the parks in the Northern circuit remain open as well as a selection of lodges and tented camps.

June Migration.jpg


By the beginning of June the rains will slowly stop and the Tanzanian 'winter' season will starts. The annual wildebeest migration arrives in the Grum

July Migration.jpg


July is the coldest month of the year in Tanzania when during the night temperatures drop to around 15 degrees (depending slightly on where you are - altitude).

August Migration.jpg


Towards the end of August the temperatures will go up again as its the end of the cold season and the wildebeest herds have now reached Northern Serengeti

September Migration.jpg


In the beginning of September it is still possible to witness a river crossing in the Northern part of the Serengeti and the parks are less busy

October Migration.jpg


October is also a popular month for travel in Tanzania as the temperatures are pleasant both on the mainland as well as the Island of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia

November Migration.jpg


This is the period for the short rains in Tanzania meaning that you should expect a rain shower every now and then. November is also low season

December Migration.jpg


While the wildebeest migration travels via Naabi towards the Ndutu area there is plenty of wildlife around in Seronera - central Serengeti and other parks.

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