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Our Vehicles

Our fleet of 4 x 4 safari vehicles is made up of well-maintained Land-Rover TDI’s and Toyota Land-Cruisers, specially adapted for use on safari. Both types of vehicles have proven themselves worthy on the unpredictable Tanzanian roads (and often, what passes for roads) and offer un-obstructed views for all passengers.

Our safari vehicles come in different sizes; the standard Land-Rover and Land-Cruisers offer comfortable space to up to 4 people and our extended Land-Cruisers seat up to 6 people. Because of these maximum numbers per vehicle, every single occupant is assured of his or her own window-seat, easy access to the opened roof for game viewing and ample leg-room during the drives to and from.

Because realistically, on the gravel and bush-roads you’ll encounter on safari punctures happen, and from time to time mechanical problems occur, all vehicles are equipped with spare tires and all the tools needed to get you back on track in the shortest possible time.

Besides being experienced drivers, our driver/guides are trained to perform small repairs and in the rare case that outside help is needed, we’ll send a replacement vehicle straight away so your safari can continue without any problems.

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