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Electricity in Tanzania

Electricity in Tanzania

  • UK-type (3 pin) power socket

  • The electricity situation in Tanzania is based on English standards, meaning it is (usually) supplied at 230Volts, 50Hz. This means that all European equipment should work, from laptop power supplies to mobile phone chargers. Wall sockets use a 3 pin fused plug (see picture), which necessitates the use of travel adapters for people (and equipment) from other countries.

  • Please note that the power supply in East-Africa is notoriously unreliable; apart from power-cuts we frequently experience brown-outs (low power situations) and, worse still, power spikes and over voltage, easily damaging sensitive electronic equipment. We therefore urge visitors to ALWAYS use a travel adapter with a ‘surge protector’ facility to protect your equipment, or to use special, stabilized power outlets.

On safari

  • All Bush2Beach 4×4 safari vehicles are supplied with 3-pin (UK type) 230 Volt A/C sockets, which are available to clients for the charging of mobile phones and small electrical equipment. This is only possible whilst the vehicle is moving however, so we advice you to come with some spare batteries.

  • Lodges and luxury tented camps often offer facilities for the charging of mobile phones and other equipment but this is mainly during the night and not to be relied upon. In general, if you travel with digital camera’s, laptops and/or mobile phones, it is advisable to bring one or more fully charged spare batteries so you can charge up for a few days when opportunity arises. Keep your batteries out of direct sunlight to keep them from discharging.

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